Special Districts Representation

California law allows independent special districts to hold a seat on the Local Agency Formation Commission in their county. Currently half of the LAFCos (29) have special district representatives on the commission. The information below is designed to assist independent special districts in obtaining a seat on LAFCo.

Steps and references to government codes governing the seating of special districts on LAFCo.

State law allows alternative methods to spread the costs of LAFCo beyond the one-third each to cities, county, and special districts. This is an example of an MOU created for an alternative funding formula.

Sample resolution for a District to request a seat on LAFCo. At least 50% of the independent special districts in the county must pass such a resolution.

Presentation by CSD Board Member and LAFCo Commissioner Cathy Schlottman at the 2008 CSDA Annual Conference. Highlights the advantages of a LAFCo seat from a special district perspective.