Local Government Reports

The Senate Local Government has published a series of Citizen Guides to California local public agency processes and laws. These excellent resources cut confusion and make government more accessible. Eight guides are now available.

(Aug. 2007) 
This guide from the Senate Local Government Committee discusses the authority, composition, and use of JPAs in California. (pdf)

(December, 2010)
Handy reference on the taxing authorities of cities, counties and special districts. Provides an annotated inventory of all local tax powers. Provides answers to questions like What taxes can local officials levy?  Which taxes fit which purposes?  How do city taxes differ from county taxes?  From the Senate Local Government Committee.

Summary Report by the Senate Local Government Committee for a hearing on the Act held on 3 March. An excellent summary of the Act, history of the law, and what the future holds for the law. Comprehensive summary includes staff briefing, summary of speaker comments, research paper and all of the materials distributed by speakers at the hearing.