Reports & White Papers

The Annual Report for 2020 was produced external of The Sphere. Future Annual Reports will be in this format. 

In partnership with the Strategic Growth Council and the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, CALAFCO is pleased to release a White Paper on Creating Sustainable Communities and Landscapes. This paper is intended to provided practices and tools to all local agencies for successful collaboration on climate-smart growth. 

This white paper, published February 2018, is a collaboration of CALAFCO and the American Farmland Trust (AFT). The purpose of the White Paper is to inform and inspire LAFCos seeking to establish new or enhance existing policies that preserve agricultural land while simultaneously promoting orderly growth and development. CALAFCO wishes to thank AFT for their partnership in this publication and all who contributed to this piece of work. 

Published: December 2016

The purpose of this white paper is to summarize how the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) will impact Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCOs) around the State of California. The paper will use a variety of existing documents and sources to describe SGMA and evaluate how this important new law might affect LAFCOs. It is important to note that LAFCOs do not have a formal role in implementing SGMA; however LAFCO can become involved in a number of ways that will be discussed in this paper.